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Basement Pole Bumpers
Product ID#:  BPB

For use with metal poles, as a foam bumper pad. Easily wraps around metal pole - just open and push over pole. To decorate your house poles we can provide you, any color vinyl with Velcro on both sides to fasten around the foam bumper for $75.00 extra.

Please Note: When selecting the size make sure the HOLE dimension listed measures the size of your pole.



6.5" Diameter x with 4.5" Hole x 72" Long


6" Diameter x with 4" Hole x 72" Long


5.5" Diameter x with 3.5" Hole x 72" Long


5" Diameter x with 3" Hole x 72" Long


4" Diameter x with 2" Hole x 72" Long


3.5" Diameter x with 1.5" Hole x 72" Long


3" Diameter x with 1" Hole x 72" Long


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Foam Bolsters
Product ID#:  OCFT
Our bolsters are constructed of our Poly Foam. Can be used as fillings for home decor cushions. Also t hey can be used in whole diameter or cut in half to form two flat bottomed 'half-moons'. They are also designed to provide additional support and comfort while in seated or laying position. Reduces neck muscle strain and naturally aligns neck vertebrae.

Supports and encourages your body to relax and stretch open in areas that need it most. Place it under your ankles, knees to relieve pressure in the lower back, or neck, this helps to relieve muscle strain and is great for people with circulation problems.

Length Diameter









18" $2.40 $2.95 $3.91 $4.85 $6.15 $9.00 $9.75 $13.50
36" $2.85 $3.90 $5.82 $7.70 $10.30 $16.00 $18.85 $27.85
72" $4.50 $6.80 $10.65 $14.40 $19.60 $31.00 $37.85 $54.85

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